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    Bearing Inserts

    Bearing inserts, also referred to as Y-bearings, are a type of bearing commonly used in mechanical applications. Bearing inserts have a similar design to standard ball bearings, however they commonly feature an extended inner ring. This makes them ideal for mounting quickly and efficiently in a variety of applications.

    Where are bearing inserts used?

    Bearing inserts are commonly used in heavy duty applications with a lot of vibration such as in agriculture, conveyer and handling systems, process and packaging and much more. Their robust design makes them very versatile and easy to replace whilst providing increased productivity.

    Are bearing inserts imperial or metric?

    Bearing inserts are available in both imperial and metric bore sizes, ensuring specific requirements can be met. Insert bearings can be securely installed using a selection of accessories such as eccentric locking collar inserts, seals, setscrews or taper bush adapters.

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