Battery Holders

What is it?
A battery holder is a cavity or compartment used to house one or more batteries in a piece of equipment safely. The battery holder has flat metal or spring coiled contacts that press against the battery terminals making an electrical contact.
What does it do?
A battery holder provides a convenient method of containing the cells neatly in a casing. The holder or mount is moulded into the shape of the battery it houses.
Battery holders are available in various shapes, styles and materials. The main ones are:
Chassis mount
Chassis mount battery holders can be made of metal or plastic. They are fixed to a panel, chassis or plate via fixing holes in the back of the casing base or by tabs at the side. The holders can be open faced or enclosed. Chassis mount holders and mounts accept AA, AAA, C, D AA and 9 V PP3 cell sizes.
Panel mount
Panel mount battery holders are made of plastic. They are designed to slot into a pre-prepared hole in a panel. There are two main fixing methods,
• Flange panel fixing
Secured to the panel via a flange with pre-drilled holes. These holders are draw style holders with a flip front or pull out draw compartment. They hold single larger cells like 9 V PP3 or multiple 2, 3 and 4 cylindrical AAA, AA, C and D cells.
• Screw fixing
Secured to the panel with screw thread gasket and nut. These holders are long cylindrical holders with a cap. The cap can be finger operated or slotted cap (for screwdriver release).
PCB Mount
PCB mount battery holders can be made of metal or plastic. They are designed to mount directly on to a printed circuit board. The holders have sharp pins protruding from the base of the holder. Pins are pushed through the holes on a PCB board and soldered. These battery mounts are usually open faced. PCB holders can hold single coin cells or multiple 2, 3 and 4 cylindrical AAA, AA, C, D cells
Strap and lead
Strap and lead types are a battery connector rather than a holder or mount. They are two press studs fixed into a plastic flat base. The base has two short lengths of flexible wire with tinned ends for connection. Strap and lead styles are used with 9 V PP3 cells.

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