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    Temperature Controllers

    A temperature controller is a device which has been built to help control temperature. The best part is there is no extension involvement. This device usually carries out such functionalities based on process variable. After that, the desired value will be compared. The differences which exist between such values is referred to as error derivation. A temperature control device will use such error in determining the amount of cooling or heating which is needed for the temperature to return to its desired value. Manipulated signal is the output value produced by a temperature switch. It can be said that this device is all about temperature control.

    Types of Temperature Controller

    Pid temperature controller

    There is something you need to know about a Pid temperature controller. This is the fact that it is only a part of Temperature control system. For better understanding, we have to use an oven. There are parts like heater, thermometer, and controller. In this case, the controller has one major role - measuring the amount of heat on the thermometer. For a constant heat to be maintained, it will carry out the comparison as explained above. It should be noted that there are different types.

    Digital temperature controller

    There is a digital temperature controller. Normally, a digital temperature controller can be grouped into two categories. These are

    • DTC-A series
    • DTC-T series

    The primary goal of DTC-A series is to ensure precise heating. There is no need for externa relays as temperature can be easily controlled. Adjusting this temperature controller according to time intervals is possible. These controllers can memorize temperature settings and time. Controllers like these are great for different kinds of flexible heaters. In other words, they can be seen as heater temperature controller.

    Another form of digital temperature controller is DTC-T series. Its monitoring extends to both DC and AC voltages. Also, controllers like these are usually characterized by low electromagnetic-wave and voltage output. For better temperature settings and customized time, they come with adapters. Just like the one that was mentioned above, this series can also memorize time as well as temperature settings. Circuit design or additional controls aren't required. Finally, it comes with about 4 power settings - 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25%.

    Temperature Control Applications

    Apart from the options mentioned above, we have other controllers you can choose from. These are micro temperature controllers, DTC-S series, and DTC-N series. They can be used in various applications. For instance, it can be used in both commercial, industrial and residential properties. The functions are the same - measuring as well as controlling temperature levels for the desired conditions to be achieved. You will find a temperature controller in laboratories, processing plants, and research centers.

    Furthermore, you will find them in the packaging industry, healthcare industry, plastic industry, and more. Based on the above, it is clear that a heater temperature controller is quite vast in terms of functionalities. Even in the food and beverage industry, they are very useful and necessary in many industries.

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