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    Safety & Hazard Tapes

    A variety of caution, hazard, and danger tapes convey safety warnings in and around work sites. They are mainly used to promote safety in hazardous areas. Designed to grab the attention of those around them, these adhesive-free, bright-colored tapes reduce the possibility of serious injury to everyone in the area, ensuring everyone's safety at all times.On barricade tapes, you will typically find warnings about caution, danger, and lead hazards. Some people use caution tapes interchangeably with danger tapes, depending on the preference of the consumer, caution tapes, on the other hand, are typically used to alert workers who work in hazardous situations or areas to proceed with caution, while danger tapes prevent people from entering dangerous places where they could be seriously injured or killed.

    Danger Tape

    The majority of people confuse danger tape with caution tape, even though the intended use of these two products is quite different. The purpose of caution tapes is to warn against certain risks. On the other hand, danger tapes are used more often in situations where hazard risks are higher.

    Different types of barrier and hazard tape

    The color of the tape quickly enables an individual to identify the level of risk to them. Generally speaking, there is a two-tone pattern of alternating stripes sometimes with wording such as 'Caution', 'Do not enter or 'Danger' written in prominent letters.1 - Red/ White barrier tape - used for fire prevention and protection equipment areas to isolate areas during or after a fire.2 - Barrier warning tape - used to keep the general public away to reduce the risk of smoke inhalation, damaged structures, and flying debris.3 - Black/ Yellow hazard tape - used where there are physical hazards such as low-hanging objects, material storage, or trip hazards.4 - Orange/ White caution tape - traffic and caution warning.5 - Black/ White tape - housekeeping and aisle marking.6 - Pink/ Yellow hazard warning tape - radiation hazards.7 - Blue/ White tape - defective machinery.8 - Green/ White safety tape - safety and first aid equipment.9 - Danger Men Working tape - used to manage pedestrian traffic and to prevent them from entering areas with temporary hazards. Areas, where this barricade tape is used, include construction sites where utility companies or painters are working.10 - Do Not Enter warning tape - used to reduce workplace injuries. Used to mark off areas that are potentially dangerous or restricted.11 - High Voltage warning tape - ideal for warning of danger and cordoning off potential hazard areas that contain high voltage.Lastly there, are tractions tapes (also called anti-slip tape), which make walking surfaces safer.

    Safety Tape

    Safety tapes provide high visibility for warning personnel of potential hazards or unsafe working conditions. You can use safety tapes to identify industrial areas, assign color codes, differentiate aisles, label, highlight, or delineate an area's boundaries.

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