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A small, powerful and lightweight ARM-based computer.

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Raspberry Pi

The Essential Raspberry Pi 3 Accessories

Want an extra slice of Pi?

Grab yourself a pi-top
pi-top is the upgradable laptop you build yourself. It features a 13” HD screen, built-in trackpad and keyboard and offers over 10 hours of battery life. pi-top makes using a Raspberry Pi easier than ever, and allows you to swap out and replace your old pi board as new upgrades are released.
Featuring its own pi-topOS, you can easily personalise your display, connect to Wi-Fi and access fun, educational software.

Introducing the pi-top CEED
Available in cool grey or funky green the pi-topCEED offers an exciting way to create your own Raspberry Pi-powered desktop computer. Get started straight away with the plug and play pi-topCEED – all you need is your Raspberry Pi, a mouse and keyboard and you’re ready to go!
Suitable for all ages and abilities, pi-topCEED teaches programming and also opens up endless prototyping opportunities with the included prototyping board and international power supply (only available from RS).

Official Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

Now you can get all the official Raspberry Pi kit you need to get started in a cool bundle from RS. The kit includes:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B board
  • White power supply with interchangeable heads for use in UK, US, Europe and Australia
  • Red and white official Pi case
  • NOOBS operating system microSD card
  • 1m white HDMI  2.0 cable
  • White official Raspberry Pi mouse and keyboard
  • Plus the Adventures in Raspberry Pi book

RS Pi Kit

RS has bundled together its own RS Raspberry Pi Starter Kit, including some great value RS Pro accessories designed especially for Raspberry Pi. The RS Pi kit includes:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B board
  • Black power supply
  • Black Pi 3 case
  • NOOBS 16GB operating system microSD card
  • 1m black HDMI 2.0 cable

Join the Raspberry Pi revolution with this sleek and stylish black kit.

Setting up your new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is as easy as Pi

Once you’ve received your new Raspberry Pi it’s easy to connect it up and get started. Watch Pete Wood, from DesignSpark, show you how to connect your board up and start running NOOBS, the new out-of-the-box software from the Raspberry Pi Foundation
From cables and cases to cameras and cards, click below to find everything you need for your Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi Foundation

Over 10 million Raspberry Pi boards have been sold since they were first launched on 29th February 2012, making it Britain’s all-time best-selling computer in just 4 short years

Small in size but big on performance, Raspberry Pi is taking the world by storm. Each Raspberry Pi – from the low power Raspberry Pi A+ to the powerful new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B – provides a perfect mix of performance, cost and connectivity. At the heart of each board there is a powerful Broadcom SoC capable of running a variety of operating systems and programming languages from NOOBS to Windows 10 IoT.

Based in the UK, the Raspberry Pi Foundation (registered educational charity number 1129409) aims to accelerate education and improve computer science skills in children and adults alike. By introducing the credit-card sized Raspberry Pi, a low cost, powerful and easily accessible computer capable of running many programing languages including Scratch and Python, the Foundation has brought coding to a whole new generation of hackers, makers and electronics engineers.

From browsing the internet to playing HD video the Raspberry Pi does everything you would expect a desktop computer to do. Manufactured in the UK under license by RS Components, the Raspberry Pi comes in a number of form factors, from the powerful Raspberry Pi 3 Model B plus for any design project, to the Compute Module, with a small form factor and standard DDR2 SODIMM connector, ideal for industrial and Pi-powered OEM applications.

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