Motion Control

Motion Control is a sub-field of automation where the position or velocity of machines are controlled by using devices like pumps, linear actuators or electric motors.
Motion Control is an important part of robotics and CNC machine tools – however, these applications are typically more complex compared to those of specialised machines. In many cases mechanical components like gears, shafts, bearings, ball screws, belts and pulleys are used to transform the motion of an actuator into the desired motion needed for a specific application.
To control the motion of an application, feedback sensors and switches are used to close the position or velocity control loops to the motion controller.

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We are constantly expanding our motion control product offer with the latest cutting-edge solutions from the leading industrial brands and the most innovative start-ups

Complete solutions and services for the conveyor system maintenance

Conveyors - Parts and consumables

RS Components is here to support the maintenance of conveyor systems with a complete offer of spare parts and consumables that, combined with our services, will help you to keep your production line up and running.

Conveyors - Predictive maintenance solutions

We are constantly expanding our Industrial IoT offer with smart solutions which can be easily integrated into the existing production line. Products like the SKF Machine Condition Indicator, the Calex NFC sensor and the Flir AX8 thermal sensor can be used to predict and anticipate the failure of the most critical conveyor parts such as motors, bearings, actuators, belts and rollers
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Critical and long lead time spare parts
Keeping safety stock of all critical and long lead time parts of a conveyor is essential. With a wide range of products and brands available from stock and our fast delivery, RS Components can help you to cut down your stock holding

Obsolete parts
RS Components is working close with suppliers which allow us to still offer components which are already phased out by the manufacturer. In addition we highlight possible replacements of obsolete parts on our websites. This supports our customers in having a smooth transition to the new equivalent which often provides improved performance and features.
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Preventive and planned maintenance
With our forward order service we can deliver your spare parts exactly when and where you need them.
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SICK - Solutions for your conveyor systems

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Conveyor systems play a central role in many industries. Whether it is for production lines, packaging machines, automated warehouses or filling systems in food & beverage or chemical industry, it is important that a conveyor system provides reliable service. Sensors are one of the key technologies which are critical to the success. SICK not only offers a full portfolio of sensors, but also comprehensive industry knowledge – to ensure the success of your conveyor system.


Know more about DFS60 rotary enconders

Know more about the USB Programming Tool for DFS60 Encoders

SICK has developed a storage and conveyor industry guide which allows you to identify the right sensor for your needs in an easy and intuitive way.
SICK - storage and conveyor industry guide

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