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Use up to 90% less energy and create vibrant lighting installations with LED Lighting.

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What is driving the LED Lighting Revolution?

Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs are taking over. From our car headlights to televisions and torches to retail lighting and even our own homes, LED Lighting is now the default option for new applications.

So why are they replacing the traditional light bulb?

  • Efficiency - LED Lights offers up to 90% potential energy reduction over standard luminaires.
  • Colour - With a wide range of colours and temperatures as well as RGB LEDs and colour mixing, designers can create virtually any colour option.
  • Low Maintenance - When life spans can exceed 60,000 hours you may never need to change a light bulb again.
  • Durability - With no fragile filament or glass, LEDs can cope with being dropped, with vibrations and high temperatures.
  • Safety - Because LEDs waste very little energy through heat they remain cool to the touch so no more burnt fingers when changing a bulb.
  • Environment - Unlike many luminaires LEDs don’t contain toxic chemicals such as mercury.
  • Versatility - From car headlights to interior lighting small form factors, flexible strips and robustness allow LED lights to be used in many areas, applications and spaces that a traditional luminaire never could.

Why you should buy LED Lighting from RS

RS components has the widest range of technologies involved in LED Lighting. From LED components, lenses, drivers and indicators to LED lamps and luminaires, including also the cables, connectors and tools needed to design, build or maintain any LED Lighting solution.

RS is the most reliable distributor with next day delivery, no minimum order quantity and all the technical content you need to get hands-on with your work.

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