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    Manometers also knowns as pressure meters are scientific instruments used in various industries for the measurement of air pressure, gas or fluid pressure. The handheld, battery-operated gauges feature LCD displays so results can be easily read. Some units have a backlight function for use in awkward places and low light conditions.

    Digital manometers use Hi-tech sensors and sophisticated microprocessors give highly accurate measurements and readings. Many manometers come with software that allows data to be transferred to laptops, smartphones or tablets for storage or analysis. You can find out more in our complete guide to manometers

    RS offer a range of high-quality precision instruments from industry-leading brands including Druck, Digitron, Testo, and of course RS PRO.

    We also offer in-house calibration services for your manometer if required.

    What are manometers used for?

    Digital manometers are used by engineers and technicians for routine pressure tests, for troubleshooting system failures or for seeking out leaks. In refrigeration systems, digital pressure meters can measure gauge pressure, vacuum and temperature.

    Alternatively, manometers can be used to establish flow and static pressure in gas systems and be used for pressure-drop testing in gas pipes. Digital manometers are suitable for measuring absolute pressure, differential pressure, and gauge pressure. In conjunction with a pitot tube, a manometer can convert pressure readings into air velocity (FPM).

    How does a digital manometer work?

    Digital manometers contain a pressure transducer which deflects under pressure. The device converts the deflection into an electrical signal. The signal is detected and calibrated into a high accuracy pressure reading.

    Choosing the right digital pressure meters

    Your task and the environment will influence your choice of digital pressure meter. Other considerations include set-up, minimum and maximum pressure measurement requirements, data logging, port size and the meter’s suitability for use in hazardous areas.

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