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    Oscilloscope Software

    Oscilloscope software is simply software for your oscilloscope – electronic test equipment that allows observation of varying signal voltages. The software comes in many forms, but is designed to make it simple to connect, record and achieve results across multiple instruments, and with no programming.

    Oscilloscope software: an in-depth look

    Oscilloscope software can be used to perform time-domain analysis of multi-channel signals and data – tasks that are traditionally handled by hardware instruments.

    There's a range of oscilloscope software available. This includes software that can enable you to read frequency, crest factors and peak voltage. You can also quickly capture and annotate screen images, record trace data and carry out measurement data logging.

    Oscilloscope software applications

    Oscilloscope software is commonly used in the sciences, medicine, engineering, automotive and the telecommunications industry. General-purpose instruments are used for maintenance of electronic equipment and laboratory work.

    Special-purpose oscilloscopes may be used for such purposes as analysing an automotive ignition system or to display the waveform of the heartbeat as an electrocardiogram.

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