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    Cable Avoidance Tools

    Cable avoidance tools use signals to scan the ground to help discover underground pipes or cables to avoid any risk if injury or damage the pipes or cables. Cable locators or ground penetrating radars are used before any excavation to pinpoint exactly where the utilities are underground. It allows quick and easy scanning in order for a swift installation of electrical cables or utility pipes.

    Three modes of a Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT)

    • Power - A cable avoidance tool is used to only detect live power cables, so the cable needs to have a flow of electricity at the time of scanning. For example, street lights during the day don't be on, so scanning a pavement next to them won't pick up any signals.
    • Radio - The CAT also uses radio signals to help avoid, locate and detect metal pipes and electrical cables associated with telephone lines, gas and water supplies.
    • Signal Generator - Also known as a Genny, this mode allows you to pinpoint water valves or plug sockets to avoid, locate or just detect.

    Where would you use a Cable Avoidance Tool?

    Using Cable Avoidance Tools are very industry specific, for example National Rail deem these detectors important as they enable the engineers to identify the location of specific utilities or just to scan a proposed site for buried utilities.

    Why choose RS for Cable Avoidance Tools?

    RS have a comprehensive range of Cable Avoidance Tools to suit your needs and we have product experts available to advise you on which locator or detector you need.

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