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    Our range of books, regulations, guides, text books and codes of practise cover everything from general information to must-have information, including the new 18th edition Wiring Regulations. The information contained within our range helps with basic information for beginners to important regulations that require adherence to within your industry sector. All the information contained within our books is clear, concise and easy to understand taking the stress out of putting the information into practical use.

    • Raspberry Pi
    • Learning with Raspberry Pi
    • Raspberry Pi for Dummies
    • IET (The Institution of Engineering and Technology)
    • IET 2018 Requirement for Installations
    • Industry codes of practise
    • Electricians Guides
    • Technical Examination Preparation and Success
    • Application Guides
    • Diploma Guides
    • Guidance Notes
    • Student Guides
    • On-site Guides
    • 3D Printing for Dummies
    • Arduino for dummies/projects
    • Cyber Security

    It does not matter what you are looking for or studying; we have the information you require for your technology or qualifications in one place.

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