Absolute Pressure Sensor ICs

Absolute Pressure Sensor ICs (integrated circuit sensors).

An absolute pressure sensor IC is an integrated circuit sensor chip which helps us to measure pressure. Normally we discuss gage pressure which is the pressure relative to the atmospheric pressure all around us. Absolute pressure sensors measure the pressure relative to a perfect vacuum. Absolute pressure sensors are normally used to measure any changes barometric pressure. Barometric pressure is also known as atmospheric pressure. The pressure reading type is absolute.

Absolute pressure sensor ICs measure pressure relative to a perfect vacuum. They are most often used to measure changes barometric pressure and are found in applications such as weather stations and altimeters.

Many products include a temperature sensor to automatically compensate for the errors which occur with a change in temperature.

Internally, these sensor ICs often use a reference which is at a fixed pressure and the pressure measurement is calculated relative to this.

How do Absolute Pressure Sensors measure pressure?
Most sensors use a diaphragm which has a sealed reference pressure on one side. The sensors measure the deformation of this to determine an accurate reading.

As with all sensor technology, many ICs currently available use MEMS technology to reduce the size of the component. Mems stands for Micro-Electro-Mechanical System.

What are Integrated Circuits?

An integrated circuit is made up of tiny squares of silicone imprinted with microscopic patterns. The patterns within the silicone squares consist of millions of transistors, resistors and other electronics. Integrated circuits are made up of semiconducting material like copper and are insulated.

Absolute pressure sensors units of measure.
• psi – pounds per square inch
• bar – metric unit of pressure
• mbar – millibar
Ensure the absolute pressure sensors capacity, meets your requirements.

Mounting Types.
• PCB Mount – printed board circuit mount
• Surface Mount
• Through Hole

Various sizes, package types, pin counts, operating pressures are available plus the extensive range of pressure sensors provides many solutions

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RS Stock No. 849-6187
Mfr. Part No.0273.300.354-1NV
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- - Surface Mount LGA 8 2.5 x 2 x 0.95mm 2.5mm 2mm 0.95mm - 3.6 V +85 °C 3.6 V -