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    Security Cables, Chains & Anchor Points

    For securing large or cumbersome items, security cables present a practical solution. Tough, dependable and vandal proof, they can be used to tie important items to immovable structures and padlocked in place. Whether tied through the wheel of a motorbike to immobilise it, or to tie expensive or potentially dangerous power tools into a racking, security cables are a versatile anti-theft and safety solution.

    Steel Security Cable

    With a woven design that is especially resistant to cutting, thee high tech steel alloy cables have a simple loop at either end for easy locking. They are also available in PVC coating to ensure environmental protection for outdoor use.

    Steel Security Chain

    This hardened steel cabin is a cost-effective solution to locking down property, needing only a padlock to secure. Available with a PVC sheath, it is suitable for outdoor use, and ideal for securing heavy gates such as in warehouse loading bays.

    Steel Cable Lock

    All the benefits of a steel security cable but with a built-in lock and supplied key. The lock contains a convenient self-locking mechanism and has six locking elements to ensure a level of security you can rely on. This steel cable lock is ideal for securing bikes.

    Anchor Points

    If there is an insufficient structure to chain your property too, anchor points can be employed to tether security chains. When drilled into solid surfaces, either wall or ground, the anchor points provide a customisable point to thread your security cable through.

    Computer Security locks

     These are devices that are fitted to computers to secure them against theft and unauthorised access.Computer security locks come in two main types: combination locks and key locks.

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