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    Raspberry Pi Cables

    Raspberry Pi cables are to devices that are required to connect your devices, such as a monitor to be able to see your work or to power your board. Raspberry Pi cables are engineered to maximise the performance and functionality of your Raspberry Pi.

    Types of Raspberry Pi cables

    There is a wide range of Raspberry Pi standard HDMI and Micro HDMI cables in different lengths from 80mm up to 2m in both black and white which can be used to connect to a Raspberry Pi.

    There is also a selection of Raspberry Pi micro USB cables in different genders and colours depending on the connector type you need without the need of an additional adapter. Some have a convenient inline switch to turn your Raspberry Pi on and off.

    We also offer USB type-C adapters which allow you to connect USB B add ons to your Raspberry Pi 4, saving you having to change all your equipment. USB to UART cables are also available.

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