Blow Torches

A blow torch is a handheld tool also known as Gas Torch, Blowlamp or Gas Blow Torch. Blow Torches are designed to apply flame to various applications including metalwork and woodwork. Usually, Gas Torch consists of gas bottles that can be replaced or refilled once empty. For professional applications, gas torches may be used with different gases depending on the required flame temperature. Gas Torches generates very high temperatures but not so hot to cause combustion or welding.

Where Blow Torches are typically used:

Blowtorches or Gas Torches are simple hand tools typically used to apply heat and flame to various applications:

  • soldering

  • brazing

  • brazing

  • softening paint for removal

  • heating bitumen for repairing cracks

  • weed burning or even making creme brulee

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