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    Milling Inserts

    Milling inserts are removable cutting tips, which means they are not part of the milling machine. They are indexable which means that they can be exchanged and replaced once used. Milling inserts are used with milling cutting tools when cutting or shaping metals such as steel, alloy and cast iron. They're designed to protect your milling cutter from damage caused by extreme heat and force, ensuring longer tool life. This, in turn, can help you work more productively because your tool won't buckle or change shape.

    Benefits and features of using milling inserts

    • They ensure secure machining with a long and predictable tool life
    • They have high metal removal rates and high reliability, even in challenging conditions, such as complex tool paths and deep cavities
    • They can perform in both dry and wet machining
    • There are different shapes and sizes available including circular, triangular, square and rectangular depending on the cut you need

    How to fit and/or change your milling inserts

    To fit or change your milling inserts, you need a hey key (also known as Allen key) or a screwdriver. There are clamps on the milling cutter that are screwed in. You need to undo the screws on the clamps and then insert the milling inserts. Finally, re-tighten the screws so that the milling insert is secure.

    How to identify milling inserts and choose the right one?

    There are many parameters to consider when choosing the most suitable turning inserts. Carefully select insert geometry, insert grade, insert shape (nose angle), insert size, nose radius and entering (lead) angle, to achieve good chip control and machining performance.

    • Select insert geometry based on selected operation, for example, finishing
    • Select the largest possible nose angle on the insert for strength and economy
    • Select the insert size depending on the depth of cut​
    • Select the largest possible nose radius for insert strength
    • Select a smaller nose radius if there is a tendency for vibration
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