Hydraulic Pressure Indicators & Displays

Hydraulic pressure indicators are gauges used for fluid intensity measuring in hydraulic systems. These devices are used for setting up, tuning and also trouble shooting activities on hydraulic machinery .

They feature forged brass cases that prevent resonant frequencies from damaging interior components. The cases are filled with liquids (glycerin) to absorb vibration and there are restrictors on these units to protect the machines against pressure spikes.

Hydraulic pressure indicators are set at pre-determined pressure ranges that are compatible with the relevant equipment.

What are hydraulic pressure indicators used for?

Hydraulic pressure indicators are used as diagnostic testers for hydraulic equipment and ensure proper operational capacity of machines which reduces system downtimes.

Fluid power systems use hydraulic pressure indicators to prevent system leaks.

Analogue indicators are commonly used in hydraulic systems. Digital pressure indicators are increasingly incorporated in high pressure process industries for measuring torque, load and force ranges in hydraulic machines.

Types of hydraulic pressure indicators

Hydraulic pressure indicators come in wide varieties of styles with Bourdon tubes and bellow gauges being the most common types. Both variants allow for add-on digital displays which show pressure metrics and ratios to the operators.

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RS Stock No. 297-4852
Mfr. Part No.7082534
L-Plug 1.4in 1.9 x 1.9 x 1.4in LCD 1.9in 4 → 20mA 1.9in
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