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    Solenoid Valve Accessories

    Solenoid valve accessories are playing a major role behind the overall performance of machines. Out of different accessories, positioners hold a prominent place. When you take a look at the pneumatically operated valves, you will figure out that their functionality relies based on a positioner, which can take the input signal coming out of a process controller. It will then convert that into valve travel.

    Understanding the most important solenoid valve accessories

    Among solenoid valve accessories that you can get, solenoid valve manifold is one of the most important control valve accessories that you can find. The required failsafe operation and the actuator type would determine the specific selection of solenoid valve that you should be using. On the other hand, it is possible to use solenoids on top of single acting diaphragm actuators and double-acting pistons as well. Limit switches usually have a strong relationship along with control valves. In fact, the limit switches are designed to operate along with discrete inputs inside a distributed control system, small solenoid valves, signal lights, alarms, or electric relays. On the other hand, it is possible to use the cam-operated type along with 2 to 4 different individual switches. These switches are operated through the movement of associated valve stem.When it comes to an assembly that is mounted to the side of your actuator, you will notice that there are some switches. Every single switch can be adjusted individually. On the other hand, it is possible to supply them for direct current systems or alternating current systems. Apart from these options, you can also find many other types of valve-mounted limit switches in the form of solenoid valve accessories. Other common solenoid valve accessoriesApart from the above-mentioned solenoid accessories, you can also find few other great options available for purchase in the market. Here are some of them.Supply pressure regulators The most common name for supply pressure regulators is airsets. They are designed to help you with reducing plant air supply into valve positioners as well as few other control equipment. Along with the help of supply pressure regulators, you can control the pressure of air supplied to around 20 psig, 35 psig, and 60 psig. You can mount them to the nipple mounts or positioner of the actuator.Pneumatic lockup systems Pneumatic lockup systems will be used along with control valves in order to lock the existing loading pressure of the actuator during a failure of supply pressure. You will be able to use them along with volume tanks, so that you can move the valve to a fully closed or open position during the loss in pneumatic air supply. The ordinary operation would automatically resume when the supply pressure is resumed.Electro pneumatic transducers An electro pneumatic transducer is capable of receiving a DC input signal, which then uses a pneumatic relay, nozzle-flapper, and a torque motor in order to convert it into a proportional output signal in pneumatic form. There is a nozzle pressure, which is operating this relay. It is connected to the torque motor. The feedback given would offer a comparison in between nozzle pressure and input signal. It is possible to mount the transducer on top of the control valve directly and then operate it without any extra positioner or boosters.Now you are aware about the most common solenoid valve accessories that you would need to use. If you are in need of any of these accessories, all you have to do is to go ahead and browse through our collection. At here, we guarantee that you can easily find the best solenoid valve accessories to cater to your needs.

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