PCB Spacers, Pillars & Supports

With our wide range of PCB spacers, pillars and supports, whether you’re prototyping or manufacturing printed circuit boards on a large scale, you’ll find exactly what you need with us, all in one place.

From adhesive-backed supports and expansion grommets to self-retaining spacers and mounting blocks, we stock PCB components from leading manufacturers including Keystone, Richco, RS PRO, Harwin, LeCroy and Wurth Elektronik.

PCB spacers, pillars and supports – types and materials

PCB spacers

Nylon spacers are available in a variety of sizes, from 1.6mm to 35.7mm, and the following four types:

  • Blind hold fixing spacer
  • Push spacer
  • Studded fixing spacer
  • Threaded (screw) hex spacer

PCB pillars

Our range of nylon pillars includes:

  • Cupped reverse locking
  • Edge-holding locking
  • Reverse locking
  • Stacking
  • Standard

PCB supports

Choose from our high-quality supports which include:

  • Adhesive backed - great for ensuring the support is secure
  • Key slot - designed to lock into key slots on the PCB chassis
  • Snap rivet - used for securing panels together
  • Support posts
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