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    Shielding Strips

    EMI shielding strips (also known as finger strips) are designed to be a low-cost solution for computers, telecommunications and industrial enclosure applications to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) and are applied by sealing gaps in enclosures such as castings, pressed metal enclosures, and electronic cabinets. They are used for electromagnetic shielding where sealing is not required. At RS, we have a wide range of shielding strips from well-known brands, including MTC, UVOX and Wurth Elektronik.

    What are shielding strips made of?

    Shielding strips consist of a durable and electrically conductive fabric wrapped over a sponge core. Their outer material is highly­ conductive, typically made from beryllium copper or nickel copper alloy, and provides a high level of electromagnetic shielding. A gold plating is also typically applied to provide a corrosive-resistant finish. The strips are formed via folding to provide consistent compression and can be attached easily through a range of fastening methods, including tape, self-adhesive backing or mounting screws. Shielding strips come in a wide spectrum of dimensions to suit different applications and requirements.

    Where are shielding strips used?

    Shielding strips are suitable for use on most enclosure doors, cabinets or boxes which are opened and closed frequently, and don't have an environmental seal or do not require atmospheric sealing agents. They offer protection from dust and moisture as well as being resistant to abrasion. They can recover up to 90% of their original size after being compressed. EMI shielding strips are typically found across a variety of industries, including; telecommunications, military, aerospace, and EMC shielded doors.

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