Isograph Pen Nibs

Isograph pen nibs are replaceable nibs for isograph technical pens. They screw onto the pen body and attach to a refillable ink cartridge. This allows you to use isograph technical pens for a long time. Alternatively, disposable technical pensare designed to be thrown away when they run out of ink.

Benefits of isograph pen nibs

Isograph pens differ from radiograph pens mainly in that they are easier to refill and the nib can be completely dismantled. This makes cleaning simpler. The length of time for which you can use an Isograph pen nib varies on the size and the frequency of use. If properly taken care of, these nibs should last for at least a year. Reusable technical pens are a good choice for professionals who use them regularly over a long period of time.

What are isograph pen nibs used for?

Technical pen nibs are designed for technical drawing and are noted for their accuracy in rendering fine lines and precise details. They lay consistent lines that are easy to control and don't vary in thickness. They're best for use with fine-grained paper, such as tracing sheets.

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RS Stock No. 570-818
Mfr. Part No.S0218320
Rotring S0202270 Pen 0.35 mm
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