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    Fan Mounts

    Fan mounts are brackets and mountings that help secure a fan in place so that it can cool safely and at an optimal level.

    What are fan mounts used for?

    Fan mounts secure a fan so that it is able to function at an optimum level in order to circulate airflow and control speed.

    Fan mounts are designed to accommodate different types of fan and can be clipped, screwed or riveted into place depending on the environment in which the fan will operate and the substrate to which the fan will be attached.

    Types of fan mounts

    Ring plate mounts

    Ring plate mounts are suitable for a broad range of commercial and industrial exhaust applications as they are made from galvanised steel.

    Exhaust mounts

    Exhaust mounts are typically found in conference rooms and restaurants in order to circulate air flow. They typically come complete with weather and impact resistant plastic housings to protect them from the elements when used outdoors.

    Smoke-spill mounts

    Smoke-spill mounts are made from galvanised mild steel, or pre-galvanised steel. They are generally used for commercial purposes and/or industrial supply.

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