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    Spanner Components & Accessories

    Spanner components and accessories are add-ons and additional parts that you can use to complete your ratchet wrench hand tool. These components include interchangeable spanner heads & torque wrench inserts ranging from open-ended, crow feet, ring end & ratchet.

    Ratchet spanners typically consist of a metal arm and a flat head containing the ratchet mechanism. The head is built with either a square male end piece or an open square female housing, each allowing for a secure connection to another piece. This makes the ratchet spanner versatile, as you can attach different heads to the arm and reduce the number of tools you carry with you for a job.

    Spanner components & accessories are the ideal hand tool accessories for any tool kit. These inserts are convenient, meaning you can adapt your ratchet handle or torque wrench, and carry just the tool you need inside of a dedicated spanner set, metric & imperial sizes are available and it's a cost-effective way of purchasing tools.

    Our range of spanner components and accessories includes leading brands such as Bahco, Facom, GearWrench, Stahlwille, and Wera. Sort and filter by head type, insert size, and/or head size to find the right attachment piece that you need. Or, if you need multiple tools, consider a flexible head ratchet spanner set!

    What are Crows Feet Spanners

    Crows feet spanners are ratchet head attachments with an open wrench or spanner shape, ideal for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts that you are unable to access using a standard wrench. Individual crow foot spanner heads are made in a variety of insert sizes and head sizes.

    Crows feet spanners are designed for flexibility and therefore are made in a range of designs that give the user the ability to work at different angles. Where a standard wrench only facilitates fastening and loosening at a 180-degree angle, a flexible crows foot spanner head can facilitate work at a range of different angles. This helps for jobs with nuts and bolts in hard to reach places or with little space to work with. By changing the angle, you'll be able to still apply maximum force.

    Different Types of Spanner Accessories

    Interchangeable Spanner Head Inserts

    Interchangeable spanner head inserts enable you to use your favorite ratchet handle with these inserts. Once assembled they can be used as conventional ratchet tools in multiple applications typically tightening and loosening nuts or bolt heads. One specific application is for plumbers solving a stubborn tap head. Specific tap head spanner attachments are perfect because they are versatile and designed for doing work in tight spaces.

    Torque Wrench Inserts

    Torque wrench inserts are brand specific and can be used with interchangeable torque wrenches. They are excellent at ensuring you set components to the correct torque specification and you can simply change the inserts when required.

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