Cutters are handheld tools designed for cutting different materials. Used by professionals and DIYers to cut wire effectively, they can also be called side cutters. Options for insulated handles allow you to be protected whilst working and providing a firm and comfortable grip.

Types of Cutters

  • Diagonal cutters are also known as side cutters. They are ideal for gripping, splicing or cutting wires, and strip insulation. They cut by indenting and wedging the wire apart and give a cleaner cut than using a knife.
  • End cutters also are known as nippers are used to cut through wire, springs, nails, bolts and rivets. They have an almost flat-bladed head which lets you cut close against the surface without digging into it.
  • Wire rope cutters for the clean shearing of wire rope without fanning. The jaws pull the wire rope into them and trap the cable.
  • Snipe nose or needle nose cutters are designed to hold and cut.
  • Cable Cutters are designed specifically to be used with cables and wires.

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