Connector Wrenches

Connector wrenches, sometimes referred to as torque wrenches, are handheld tools used for tightening or loosening different types of connectors – devices that connect electronic or other components together. Connector wrenches are designed to prevent over tightening so that you don't damage the connector.

How does a connector wrench work?

Connector wrenches are small and are simple to use. Depending on your connector, they usually fit inside or around the connector. You would then turn to the right to tighten the connector, or to the left to loosen.

Connector wrench types and applications

There are different types of connector wrenches for different types of connectors. Common connectors you'd use a connector wrench for include:

  • Circular connectors – used to connect and disconnect signal, power and optical circuits.
  • BNC connectors – or Bayonet Neill–Concelman connectors, a radio frequency connector used for coaxial cable.
  • Chassis socket connectors – used in audio applications.
  • Solar cable connectors – commonly used for connecting solar panels.
  • Lock nuts – a type of nut-and-bolt fastener.

Look out for connector wrenches which produce an audible click when the correct tightness has been achieved.

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