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    Bottle Fuses

    Bottle fuses are a type of fuse with differently sized ends. They are designed to ensure that the wrong fuse is never inserted into the circuit, as their larger end is sized according to the adaptor screw holes.

    Fuses are designed to protect a circuit against overcurrent or other faults. When overcurrent occurs, the metal strip in the fuse will melt, causing the circuit to break and preventing further damage.

    How do bottle fuses work?

    Bottle fuses are inserted into the circuit in a similar way to normal fuses, by connecting their two ends to the adjacent parts, or by using a bottle fuse holder However, unlike regular fuses, when a bottle fuse blows, the colour indicator located at the head of the fuse pops out, to let the user know that there is a problem with a circuit. The fuse will then need to be changed.

    Types of bottle fuses

    Bottle fuses, as the name suggests, feature a bottle shaped body with a larger tip and a smaller one. They vary in exact shape and come in different sizes and voltage ranges depending on the specific application.

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