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    PCB Card Brackets

    PCB card brackets are rear panel thick steel brackets, which are suitable for fitting to the rear of expansion printed circuit boards. They are available in various designs and for all of the common connector formats on a PCB. PCB card brackets are manufactured from 0.8mm steel and finished in bright nickel.

    What types of PCB card brackets are there?

    The type of PCB card bracket you choose depends on the connectors mounted on the cards. There are a wide range of PCB card brackets available to suit a variety of applications.

    How do PCB card brackets work?

    PCB card brackets are available with or without board fixing 'ears', making them suitable for different types of input or output connectors. They are designed for fitting on either the component or solder side of a printed circuit board, and you can choose the right card bracket based on these configurations. They can be applied with mounting screws, which are available separately in multipacks.

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