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    Cable Management Components

    Cable management components are used in conjunction with structural systems to conceal and control cabling in a number of applications. Structural systems can be used in various industrial and residential applications such as storage racking, computer stations, workbenches and many more module configurations. Many of these applications use power such as for computer systems, tooling, lighting and even manual handling apparatus. Cable management allows you to ensure the safe routing of cables to and from any source.

    Types of Cable Management Components

    There are a variety of cable management components to ensure your cabling is housed and secure in all environments.

    Cable Trunking – is the main and most common way to ensure cabling is easy to route and protect. Made up of a length of U shaped channel and lid section, trucking is be fixed down to a support or surface with cables laid in its open face removing the need for pulling cable through an awkward tube or pipe systems. Once cables are routed, the lid section can be fitted ensuring cables are housed and protected. Trunking lids can be removed at any time for easy access to cables for maintenance or re-routing.

    Caps and clips – to be used in conjunction with cable trunking, there are a range of binding clips as well as end caps to join and close trunking installations. These clips can enable shot lengths of trunking to be linked creating longer sections as well as for creating corners to route around workspaces.

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