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    Ball Transfer Units

    Ball transfer units are also known as conveyor balls and are an ideal solution for the smooth and precise moving of loads in a range of applications. Ball transfer units are either surface mounted, recess mounted or spring-loaded. Mounting types vary depending on application with the ability to move both small and large loads with ease. When using ball transfer units, always ensure the consideration of weight for the intended use. Ball transfer units have a high maximum load but this load is often distributed across many transfer balls allowing for even larger loads to be moved with ease.

    Ball transfer units are available in a range of materials such as aluminium, steel and stainless steel with a range of ball materials including steel, PUR and rubber.

    Types of Ball Transfer Units

    Surface mount - ball transfer units can be fastened down and secured to a flat surface.

    Recessed mount - ball transfer units fit into pre-defined holes on conveyor set-ups. Some models allow the transfer unit to be dropped into place.

    Spring-loaded - ball transfer units are strengthened with a spring which allows them to carry a high load capacity.

    Ball Transfer Unit Applications

    Ball transfer units are used in industries around the world. They are suitable for moving loads which need to be moved smoothly and with minimum effort in any direction. Typical applications include:

    • Air cargo

    Material handling

    • Assembly lines
    • Machine tables
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