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    IR Transceivers

    IR transceivers (infrared transceivers) are transmitters and receivers combined into a single circuit unit. Some transceivers can transmit and receive signals at the same time, while others can only do one at a time. Depending on the type of transceiver, the device may have a broad light beam, or a focused beam that requires more precise positioning in order to function properly.

    Types of IR transceivers

    IR transceivers can be categorised by size, speed, supply and voltage. The maximum idle current available is 10A, while the most common size for an IR transceiver is 1 metre with some being as small-scale as 875nm (nanometre) or as wide-ranging as 6.5 metres.

    What are IR transceivers used for?

    IR transceivers are generally used in communications devices, such as mobile phones. They can also be used for entering and collecting data in the field. A researcher using a handheld IR transceiver, for instance, can collect data on their portable device and then send it to a PC using an infrared transceiver.

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