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    LED Light Pipes

    LED light pipes are optical components used to transport light from a board-mounted LED to the point where the light is required. They give greater flexibility of light distribution, allowing you to change the position of your LED light without changing the location of the LED itself. Most LED light pipes are panel mounted or press fit, making them easy to install.

    What are the different types of LED light pipes?

    LED light pipes are produced in three main styles: flexible, rigid vertical and rigid right angle, with either single or multi-unit configurations. Flexible light pipes are made from optical grade plastic and enable you to move light to a desired destination over greater distances. Rigid LED lights pipes are made from hard plastic and can move light in shorter distances in either a vertical direction or at a 90° angle.

    Choosing the right LED light pipes

    To capture the maximum amount of light, an LED must be matched appropriately to a light pipe. As well as choosing between LED styles, lens size and mounting requirements will determine the right LED light pipes for your project.

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