RF Connectors Kits

RF connectors kits are sets of RF connectors (types of electrical connectors designed to work at radio frequencies in the multi-megahertz range).

What are RF connectors kits used for?

A typical RF connectors kit would contain various types and sizes of RF connectors commonly used on many products, such as coaxial cables, surge protectors, radios and antennas.

Types of connectors in RF connectors kits

RF connectors can be categorised by several parameters including type, orientation/style, cable type, termination, impedance and packaging type, among others. However, they’re commonly categorised by gender into male and female types and in terms of their polarity into standard or reverse polarity.

RF connectors kits provide a wide range of connector types and sizes to suit different applications. Common types of RF connectors you would find in a kit include:

  • TNC (Threaded Neill–Concelman) connectors
  • Reverse Polarity TNC (RPTNC) connectors
  • N connectors
  • BNC (Bayonet Neill–Concelman) connectors
  • UHF (Ultra High Frequency) (PL259) connectors
  • SMA (Sub Miniature version A) connectors
  • RPSMA (Reverse Polarity SMA) connectors

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Description Price Kit Type Kit Contents Cable Type
RS Stock No. 546-2920
1 Kit
RF Coaxial Inter Series Adapter Kit Mini UHF, N, TNC and SMA Series., UHF, 30 RF Coaxial Adapters for Interconnecting BNC -
RS Stock No. 885-7393
Mfr. Part No.142-0000-005
Connector Kit 71-Pcs of BNC/SMA/N/TNC/UHF in Series & Between Series Adapters -
RS Stock No. 530-8882
RF Coaxial Inter Series Adapter Kit FME, MCX, Mini UHF, MMCX, N, SMB, SMC & SMA Series, SSMB, TNC, VHF, 2 x Spanners & is Supplied in a Zip-Up Soft Case, 30 RF Coaxial Adapters for Interconnecting BNC Coaxial
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