Fibre Optic Kits

Fibre-optic kits are used by companies across the globe to improve the speed of their network and telephony systems.

Why to use a fibre-optic kit

Working with fibre-optic technology can be complicated, so using a fibre-optic kit will provide everything you might need to handle fibre optics safely.

Tools you can find in a fibre-optic kit

The tools and accessories you will find in your fibre-optic kit depend on your task at hand. For example, terminating a cable and evaluating a cable call for slightly different tools. You might find these types of tools in a fibre-optic kit:

  • Fibre-optic strippers – these are tools used to remove the outer casing of the lines before fusion splicing.
  • Fibre-optic connectors – these are the small connecting devices that need to be attached to the ends of fibre-optic cables, so that they can be inserted into the right receptacles.
  • Fibre-optic cleaning wipes – wipes and gels are important to use when working with fibre-optics to avoid scratching and damaging the fibre.

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Termination Kit Cleaving Tool, Fibre Cable Preparation Tools, Jaws, Polishing Bushes, Polishing Materials, Termination Tool LightCrimp