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    Ethernet Connector Accessories

    RS offer a variety of Ethernet or RJ connector accessories for all your networking needs. Our extensive range consists of RJ45 dust caps, RJ45 boots, blanking modules, RJ45 strain reliefs, RJ45 housings and panel mount frames. Our high-quality accessories are supplied by leading manufactures including HARTING, Phoenix Contact, Molex, Hirose, Amphenol and of course RS PRO. Ethernet connector accessories are designed to work with Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a shielded and unshielded cables.

    What do the different types of accessories do?

    Dust Caps

    RJ45 dust caps are designed to protect your connector from the ingress of dust particles and moisture. Dust caps can be fitted over the end of panel mount modular connectors when they are not in use. Some dust caps have ratings of IP20 and even IP67 heavy-duty industrial types.


    RJ45 Cable boots fit over the end of your Ethernet connector to provide extra protection from snagging and flexing. They are often used when making ethernet network patch cords.

    Strain Reliefs

    Cable strain reliefs are used at the end of networking cables and offer extra protection to the end of the cable where it is terminated into the ethernet connector. Ethernet patch cables are usually subjected to a tremendous amount of movement when connected to patch panels or in server racks.

    Panel Mount Frames

    Panel mount frames are typically fitted into a pre-cut hole in a panel or enclosure. The frames will hold a modular socket securely so that an ethernet cable can make a quick connection. The frames are made from strong plastic or metal and can be easily fitted.

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