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    Audio & Video Faceplates

    Audio and video faceplates are cabling fixtures attached to a wall to provide easily accessible ports for connecting audio and video equipment. They allow you to make easy connections while eliminating hanging cables and unsightly holes in your wall by concealing your cable within the AV wall plate.

    Different Types of Audio and Video Faceplates

    HDMI Faceplates

    HDMI faceplates provide a neat and professional finish for HDMI cable installations. They are ideal for connecting HD video and audio sources to wall plates.

    USB Faceplates

    USB faceplates are ideal for creating convenient charging and data transfer stations. They seamlessly support audio-visual wall panel setup for various devices in homes, offices, public establishments, or educational institutions.

    Audio Jack Faceplates

    Audio jack faceplates accommodate standard 3.5mm connectors. These wall plates are essential for audio setups requiring clean and accessible connections.

    VGA Faceplates

    VGA faceplates are crucial for older video connections. They are typically used in educational or corporate environments that require concealed AV connections for VGA-enabled projectors and monitors.

    Benefits of Audio and Video Faceplates

    Here are some of the benefits of installing AV wall covers:

    Cable Management

    Audio and video faceplates streamline cable management, keeping wires tidy and concealed to enhance safety and reduce clutter.

    Enhancement Connectivity

    AV faceplates simplify the connection process, providing easy access points that improve and extend the connectivity of multimedia systems.

    Improved Aesthetics

    Installing AV faceplates contributes to a sleek, professional appearance, eliminating visible wires and mismatched tech components for a cleaner setup.

    How Do Audio and Video Faceplates Work?

    Audio and video faceplates are compatible with RCA, audio jacks, VGA, USB, HDMI connectors and many other types of audio and video connectors such as DP cables. The back end of the connector joins a cable that runs inside the wall. Audio and video devices such as computers and home theatre systems are then connected to the faceplate with the corresponding type of connector. Faceplates typically come in mono-port to multiple-port configurations to suit different applications.

    What Are Audio and Video Faceplates Used For?

    Audio and video faceplates help to maintain and organise connections such as HDMI ports in your home theatre system. They are important features of audio and video installations in classrooms, home theatre systems, studios, home office setups and other environments where multiple connection ports are required in a single faceplate.

    How to Choose Audio and Video Faceplates

    Choosing the right audio and video faceplates involves several factors to ensure they meet your specific needs and enhance your media environment effectively:

    • Compatibility: To ensure seamless integration, ensure the faceplates are compatible with the cables and equipment you plan to use, such as HDMI, USB, or audio jacks.
    • Material and Build Quality: Select faceplates made from durable materials that can withstand regular interaction and fit securely within your wall space.
    • Design and Aesthetics: Consider the design and finish of the AV outlet plate to ensure they complement your interior decor. For instance, sleek and modern designs will match contemporary spaces. Meanwhile, more traditional wall socket styles can suit classic interiors.
    • Functionality: Look for faceplates that meet your current connectivity needs and offer additional ports for future expansion. Features like integrated cable management can further enhance the usability of the faceplates.

    At RS, we offer a diverse range of audio and video wall plates that cater to various requirements, from simple setups to complex home theatre systems. Whether you need AV faceplates, electric cables or extension cords, you’ll find reliable, high-quality electrical components and supplies from our selection.

    Delivery Options in Hong Kong

    For orders placed before noon from Monday to Friday on items we have in local stock, we provide same-day delivery to ensure you receive your audio and video faceplates as swiftly as possible. For more information, please refer to our Delivery page.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details about our extensive range of audio-visual wall plates, our global stock and Product Plus products.

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