Sat Nav Accessories

What are Sat Nav Accessories?
These are the accessories you will commonly use with your Sat Nav or GPS devices to further expand upon their current usage.
How do they work?
Depending on the accessory, it may help hold your device in place, or boost the GPS capabilities.
Accessory types available:
• Suction mounts – Enabling you to attach your device to any surface that will hold the mount. Usually glass, such as a windscreen in your car to hold in place your phone or GPS device.
• Sat Nav power chargers – Available and compatible with most 12/24V ports that are built into most cars. The input then is usually USB and output will be the port suitable for your own device like micro USB or mini USB for example.
• GPS sensors – Allow you to attach a rugged device into a vehicle to track its GPS location and plot out where it may have been. Extremely stable and able to withstand rigorous use.
Features and benefits:
• Ability to track your vehicles you may hire out as a business or to friends – great anti-theft properties as well
• Accessorise and kit out your current Sat Nav gadgets with further enhancements such as a suction mount for your car
Where might I use one?
• In your personal car or work car
• Other USB compatible devices can be used with GPS sensors

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RS Stock No. 124-9489
Mfr. Part No.9UUC.001.01
RS Stock No. 124-9490
Mfr. Part No.9UUC.011.00
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