AV Cables

AV Cables
Our AV cables and AV Cable assembles are commonly used to transmit an audio or visual signal from one connection or transmission to another. The A represents "Audio" and the V stands for "Visual". The AV cable assemblies that we supply can represent any kind of cable that facilitates one piece of equipment being connected to another to result in audio or video (visual) being displayed.
Different types of connectors
Our AV range features a large selection of audio and visual cables. The range features multiple types of connections via a unique connector, these are: BNC, DC, SCART, Stereo Jack, Mini Jack, VGA, D-Sub, UFL, SMA, XLR, XLR3, Free End, Bulkhead, DIN, Phono, MMCX, Mono, Open Coaxial and HDMI. Our connector range is growing, we have new and different types of connectors being introduced on a regular basis.
Where can I use an AV cable?
• AV cables are often used to connect video game systems such as Xbox 360's, Ps3's and Wii's to TV's, this is because the cable can offer the user the audio and visual desired.
• Many people use them at home, for all of their entertainment set-ups. They are used to connect audio visual equipment such as DVD players and TV's - the High Speed HDMI cable is a popular choice for this set up.
• An XLR cable is commonly used by professionals, looking for a high end audio connector for things such as microphones and speakers - this is because the impedance is good.
• If you are looking to connect a monitor to a computer
• You can connect your speakers to a stereo
An AV cable can be just as important as the equipment that it is attached to!
High end equipment can lose quality through high impedance which arises from not coupling the right equipment to the right cable.

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Description Price Connector A Connector B Length Sheath Colour Cable Type
RS Stock No. 704-4329
Mfr. Part No.TVAC40110
Female DC, Male BNC Male BNC, Male DC 10m Black -
RS Stock No. 704-4085
Mfr. Part No.TVAC40120
Female DC, Male BNC Male BNC, Male DC 20m Black -
RS Stock No. 704-4338
Mfr. Part No.TVAC40130
Female DC, Male BNC Male BNC, Male DC 30m Black -