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Microwave Solutions Microwave Doppler Sensor Module 10.587 GHz
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MDU1100T Microwave Doppler Motion Detector Module - 10.587 GHz (UK)

The Microwave Solutions MDU1100T Motion Detector Module is an X-Band Microwave Transceiver that utilises the Doppler Effect to detect movement. The MDU1100T emits a microwave signal which is compared against the returned signal for frequency shift, indicating movement. This comparison generates an IF output signal that can be amplified and processed by host system circuitry.

The MDU1100T features a tuneable resonator that allows the transceiver to be tuned over a frequency range of approximately 5 MHz at room temperature. This enables the application of frequency modulation to the transceiver and makes FSK ranging possible.

This version of the MDU1100T operates at 10.587 GHz making it suitable for applications in the UK.


High Sensitivity
Integrated Patch Antenna
Tuneable Frequency – Over a Range of 5 MHz at Room Temperature
Small, Flat Profile
Rugged Reliable Construction
Low-Power Consumption
Continuous Wave and Pulse Mode Capability
Meets EN 300 440
RoHS Compliant


Frequency: 10.587 GHz
Power Output: 10 dBm EIRP (minimum)
Receiver Sensitivity (10 dB S/N ratio): -86 dBm
Operating Voltage: +5 V dc
Continuous Wave Mode Operating Current: 40 mA (typical)
Pulse Mode Operating Current: 2 mA (typical)
Dimensions: 51.40 x 49.00 x 13.10 mm
Operating Temperature Range: -10 to +55°C

Typical Applications

Intrusion Alarms
Automatic Door Openers
Speed Measurement
Collision Avoidance
Traffic Control
Presence Sensing

Microwave Motion Detector Modules, Microwave Solutions

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Detector TypeMotion Detector
Depth49 mm
Height13.1 mm
Additional FeaturesElectronically Tuneable, High Sensitivity, Low Cost, Low Power Consumption, Patch Antenna, RoHS Compliant, Small and Flat Profile
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    Name Microwave Solutions Microwave Doppler Sensor Module 10.587 GHz
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    Date Oct 21, 2017
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