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      "Gadget Renesas" is a development board platform flexible enough to be used by electronics design engineers to develop a wide range of applications - from hobbyist type projects to complex professional applications.

      What is Gadget Renesas?

      "Gadget Renesas" is a project from Renesas (the world's number one supplier of microcontrollers), which makes developing electronics projects very easy. It consists of the "GR-Reference Board" which is a compact development board comprising of a microcontroller, a GNU web compiler/builder and Android smart phone applet. Applications can be built with plug-in application modules allowing anyone to build a system without complex programming knowledge.

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      Features of the Gadget Renesas - GR-SAKURA

      The GR Sakura is one of the boards in the Gadget Renesas series. This board is based on the RX63N series 32-bit MCU, which is the successor of the RX62N MCU. It has an on-chip flash memory with enhanced communication functions, including an Ethernet controller and a USB 2.0 Host/Function. The RX63N on-chip flash can be programmed via the USB mass storage mode. You will see the RX63N on-chip flash as a drive on your PC.

      • Supports popular Open Source Hardware compatible pin headers which means you can connect and develop applications with a wide variety of existing industry peripheral boards.
      • Access to the RX63N I/O.
      • Development software including a web based compiler available via the Renesas website.
      • USB Host function (Andriod-ADB/ADK) with headers pins for LAN, microSD, and Xbee.
      • Software for developing Android smartphone applications.
      • Remote download software and overwrite through the LAN (wired and wireless).
      MCU RX63N (R5F563NBDDFP)
      built-in FPU
      RX63N (R5F563NBDDFP)
      built-in FPU
      Operating frequency 96MHz 96MHz
      Flash Memory 1MB 1MB
      RAM 125KB 125KB
      Interface Ethernet-enabled
      USB function / Host
      XBee™ support
      USB function / Host
      XBee™ support
      I/O 55: Digital I / O pin
      16 pin analog input
      55: Digital I / O pin
      16 pin analog input
      Option LAN (RJ45) connector,
      5VDC jack and a micro SD card socket already soldered on board.
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