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      15 May to 7 July 2017

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      Lucky draw result announce date :  14th June 2017 (1st draw)
                                                               14th July 2017 (2nd draw)

      Terms and Conditions :

      1.This program applies to selected customers and existing company contacts only, private customer, non-incentive customers, employees from government/public entities. are excluded.

      2.Information updated should be accurate if not RS might not be able to make contact nor delivery the prize. Corporate customers have to provide full and accurate company information and contact details; individual customers need to provide accurate personal information and contact details. Information to be updated (if necessary) include but not limited to: name, job title, address, email, contact phone number etc..

      3.In case of duplicated updates, the last one will be counted.

      4.The program period shall last from 15 May to 7 July, 2017. Any updates of existing contacts will be eligible for the lucky draw. A total of 2 units of Apple Watch will be available for the lucky draw covering markets of Hong Kong. Contacts with addresses out of these areas will not be eligible.

      5.The random lucky draw will take place at 12th June 10:00am (1st draw) and 12th July 10:00am (2nd draw) at RS Components Hong Kong Office by Head of Marketing.

      6.RS will announce the result on campaign landing page on 14th June (1st draw) and 14th July (2nd draw), individual winner will be notified by email. Prizes will be delivered to the registered address. If no recipients can be found with the address delivered, prizes will be kept for one month and if no contact can be made.

      7.Results of the lucky draw will be announced in markets of Hong Kong on newspapers: South China Morning Post (English) and Oriental Daily (Chinese) within 10 days after the draw.

      8.Employees, immediate family members of employee, employees of any company associated with the Promotion are ineligible to enter.

      Trade Promotion Competition Licence No. 48773

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